Books with remoulade (2014)

One day in the life of the 70 years old Gerda Vilholm who opened Tasiilaq's bookshop Neriusaaq in 1989, the first and only bookshop on the east coast of Greenland. In the village by the fjord which can only be reached by boats, sleights or an helicopter the small bookshop has become much more than a bookshop.
Screenings to date:
Etno Film, Ethnographic Film festival, Rovinj, Croatia, April 2015.
Greenland Eyes, Greenlandic International Film Festival, Greenland, Iceland, Oslo, September to November 2014.
Maskinen Art boat weekend, Sweden, 2014.
Skjaldborg, Icelandic Documentary Film Festival, Iceland, June 2014.
NAFA, Nordic Anthropological Film Association, Iceland, June 2014.
Days of Ethnographic Film, Ljubliana. March 2014.
FIFEQ, The international ethnographic film festival of Quebec, Canada. March 2014.
Boddinale, Berlin. March 2014. 
Cast and crew:
Presenting: Gerda Vilholm.
Cinematography: Halla Mía.
Editing: Halla Mía.
Music: Sóley.
Sound editing: Mahan Mobashery.
Supervisor: Laurant Van Lancker.