in the same boat (2015)


People's limited ability to communicate with Snædis do not keep her from enjoying life. A team out of 8 friends of hers are headed for a few days journey on canoes into the wilderness. Nurtured by the nature the story is about the one and a story about the other. We find ourselves wondering how we confront obstacles in our own lives. Or better to say: When was the last time we dared to go on an adventure?​

Marie-Therese Garvey, Creative Director  at Greater Than Ten Miles: "In The Same Boat is a tender and moving film about an exceptional friendship. Beautifully shot, it will make you question how you choose to experience the world around you."

Saeed Taji Farouky, Documentary Filmmaker & TED Senior Fellow: "The film is about a group of women in a genre that is usually allowed only for men: strength, challenges, adventure, wilderness, transformation through confronting nature."


Armin Wirth, business leader: "For me it is another proof that the body, no matter in what kind of condition it is, does not need to cloud spirit and depress it."

Screenings to date:
RIFF Reykjavík International film festival, PremiereSeptember 24th, October 3rd and 4th. 
Cast and crew:
Presenting and a story by: Snædís Rán Hjartardóttir, Védís Sigrúnar Ólafsdóttir, Olivia Fogel, Frances Mahon, Halldóra Egilsdóttir, Þorgerður Egilsdóttir, Hillary Eggers and Halla Mía.
Cinematography: Hillary Eggers and Halla Mía.
Editing: Halla Mía.
Music: Sóley.
Sound mixing and mastering: Úlfhildur Eysteinsdóttir.
Font: Kristofer Rodriguez Svönuson.
Grafic: Chris Dunn.